How To Stop Neutered Cat Spraying Peeing Everywhere No More

Fast way on how to stop a cat from spraying is to use cat spraying odor removal products and sprays that deter a cat from spraying Peeing Everywhere No More. If your cat is spraying in your home, you may be getting very frustrated. The smell is awful and it is never a one time thing. It tends to happen over and over. As such, you may be looking for advice on how to stop a cat from spraying. Here are three tips you should try if you are in this position.

Find Out Why Your Cat is Spraying

The first step to preventing a cat from spraying is to figure out why they are spraying. Sometimes spraying is related to a medical condition, such as a UTI. Other times, it is because you have another cat and have territorial cats or your cat is stressed out. Have your cat looked at by a vet to rule out medical problems. If there aren’t medical problems, try to determine the behavior of the cat before it sprays. Does it get into a fight with the other cat? Is your toddler chasing the cat before it sprays? Watching the behavior will help you determine what may be causing the cat to spray.

Make the Litter Box Perfect

The next step is to make the litter box perfect. Cats like large, shallow litter boxes. If yours is too small or too deep, they may not go in. Also, ensure the litter box is easily accessible and in a quiet area. Having the box next to a noisy washing machine or clothes dryer may deter the cat, as will having them have to walk up and down the stairs to use the litter box.

Use Sprays to Remove the Odor and Deter Future Spraying

The last way to stop a cat from spraying is to use cat spraying odor removal products and sprays that deter a cat from spraying there in the future. You can make homemade sprays with essential oils or purchase already made formulas at the pet store. Either way, removing the scent and placing a new scent that deters cats in the area that your cat has been spraying may help to prevent future spraying.

If you are looking for more advice on preventing a cat from spraying, be sure to pick up the book “Cat Spraying No More.” This book features 12 short chapters that detail all of the reasons why a cat may spray and how to prevent it.

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