Pet Bounce Arthritis Joint Pain Relief for cat and dog Review

You can help your dog or cat enjoy a healthier, more productive life naturally by maintaining a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper nutrition for weight management, and by incorporating Pet Bounce™ Homeopathic Formula with ingredients homeopathic experts use to relieve joint pain, stiffness and swelling.  We have chosen them from all the other animals to use as companions, rather than using them as tools or food source.


As time passes, our bond with our pets grew stronger and we have come to accept them as companions and family members.


The friendship between us and our pets resulted to us having a better relationship with one another.


Our roles as the humans in this friendship are to make sure our pets receive proper care, healthy diet, appropriate training and well-being.


As our pets grow older their bodies become prone to different kinds of illnesses. One of these ailments is arthritis, which is the main cause of joint pains both in humans and animals.


As much as possible, we don’t want to see our pets go through such pain.


This is when we need a working pain reliever for them.


How Does Pet Bounce Help Our Pets?


The team behind the creation and production of this medicine is focused in helping relieve the joint pains experienced by our pets.


Moreover, they also made sure that their medicine ensures our pets have a healthy lifestyle even while going through the medication.


They do this by offering a product which is homeopathic, meaning 100% plant based, all natural with no side effects.


Side effects are usually caused by harmful drugs present in other western medicines.


Pet Bounce has been recently certified as a safe and natural treatment for our pets.


Now, what are the herbs that make up Pet Bounce?


According to their official website, Pet Bounce contains different herbal extracts that ensures fast and definite results.


Additionally, each active ingredient in the product has individual healing capabilities that are tried and tested.


Here’s the list of its active ingredients.


  1. Apis mellifica- This is a honeybee formula sourced from the European or western honey bees. This was introduced into homeopathy in 1847. It proved to be a natural and effective remedy for joint pains. Apis mellifica also provides relief from stinging pain, burns, minor cuts and other skin irritations.


  1. Belladonna- a plant native in Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. This herbal medicine is used as a general pain killer and as a sedative.


  1. Caulphyllum – A woodland herb also known as Squaw root or Blue cohosh. You can find this herb in wooded areas in the U.S. and Canada. The healing component of this herb was originally used as a pain reliever during child labor and any pregnancy associated cramps.


  1. Colchicum autumnale- This herbal plant is where the pain reliever for pains caused by high uric acid derived from. This pain reliever, Colchicine, is a sought after drug due to its wide variety of uses. This herb, Colchicum autumnale, is for treating gout and other ailments caused by high uric acid levels.


  1. Rhus toxicodendron – the poison ivy or poison oak. Currently, it is used as an anti-inflammatory agent. Rhus 30 actually has plenty of uses such as remedy for headaches, joint pains, strains, insomnia, fever, skin rash, cold sores and even chicken pox just to name a few.


  1. Ruta graveolens- a herbal plant used to keep the plague at bay. People started using this herb during The Black Plague which affected England and Western Europe between the 1340s – 1350s. Nowadays, many people usually use it as a remedy for pain and stiffness in the hands, legs, feet and wrists. It is also used as a remedy for eyestrain.


  1. The rest of it, about 20%, is all water and alcohol.


Before use:


The biggest challenge when dealing with pet ailments is that, unlike us humans, our pets are unable to tell us about the specific pains they feel. But that does not mean you cannot tell when your animal friend needs your help.


There are telltale signs we need to be aware of when assessing the health status of our pets product.


Consider the quiet and calm behavior of your cat but from time to time, is able to move around the house, making your home free from rats and mice.


On the other hand, the dog will use its explosive energy to wrestle with you, to express his love and affection.


If these traits start to decline, you will want to start observing your pets to determine if they are developing muscle and joint pains.


There are a few differences on how the physical symptoms present between cats and dogs.




  1. Dogs tend to lick the painful areas as though they are licking open wounds. If you notice your dog licking his knees or other joints, then he might be experiencing some pain.


  1. They would display lack of interest and display laziness whenever you take them out for walks.


  1. Slowness or sluggishness whenever engaging in any kind of physical activities.


  1. Stiffness when standing up or lying down or even when doing any sort of movement.


  1. Lack of bouncy movements during play time.


  1. Wants to be alone most of time when they are usually sociable.




  1. Loss of appetite.


  1. Hesitation when jumping or climbing over various obstacles. Displays obvious difficulties when exerting any form of movement during physical activities.


  1. Limps when walking.


  1. Reduced interest in self-grooming.


  1. Increased solitary behavior.


If these symptoms are present in your cat or dog then the next course of action would be to give them the homeopathic healing treatment brought to us by Pet bounce.


Oral administration:


Another great thing about this product is that it comes in easy-to-use liquid drops or sprays.


Since the medicine is in liquid form, you do not have to shove tablets down your pets’ throat. This means you keep a resentment free coexistence between us and our pets.


This method is best for preventing your pet from making a mess while you

On top of that, oral delivery of the medicine would, in turn, be ingested faster by the pet’s body because the medicine is already in liquid form thus, promoting better absorption and faster results.


Why use Pet bounce?


When you first notice something odd about your pets, you should bring them to the vet.


While seeking professional help for your pet is a sure way that he or she gets complete medical care, it would also be smart to have a cheaper and a more practical approach when dealing with these problems.


Why would you visit the vet and pay high consultation fees when you could have treated your pet at home? This means you are wasting your money and precious time when you could medicate your pet at home by simply using Pet bounce.


We suggest that you carefully observe your pets at all times, making sure to keep an eye out for the symptoms explained previously.


Some of the telltale signs can be quite clear; however, symptoms can present to be subtle especially in already lazy and solitary cats.


Make sure to give a dose of Pet bounce to your pets as soon as you think that they might be having some joint or muscle pains.


Since Pet bounce is all natural, you don’t have to worry about any nasty side effects which your pet might get as a result of taking in the formula when your pets aren’t actually experiencing joint pains.


No need to worry because Pet bounce contains only the natural herbs which do not have any bad effects, in fact, the formula would still have positive effects towards your pet’s health whenever it’s ingested.


Room for improvements:


  1. Pet bounce’s official website could use more information, while all the promotional materials they want to show is presented in a rather loud way, I couldn’t find the links for more information that you might find interesting.


  1. While the formula is loaded with the pain relieving properties intended for its use, it didn’t come with any supplemental vitamins which could enhance its value.


  1. This medicine targets muscle and joint pains, however, none in its list of ingredients includes a component which could be helpful towards the bones.


Final word:


It feels pretty good when you administer a cure to your pet and see an almost immediate response.


Seeing your pets bounce back from a sad and painful state is in itself very rewarding.


Those two factors alone definitely suggest that it’s worth a try.


Go ahead, do yourself and your furry loved ones a favor and have a Pet bounce remedy ready at all times.


It is certain that you and your pet pals are going to love this product.

Your pet would most likely feel the effect of the medicine in 3-5 days and you’re pets would be bouncing right back on their feet and back to their old selves once again, with the cat playing with a ball of yarn and the dog resuming his chicken chasing activities.

Pet Bounce Arthritis Joint Pain Relief for cat and dog Review

Pet Bounce Arthritis Joint Pain Relief for cat and dog Review

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